Dashboard problem

Hi, program stuck while adding new Dashlets and when try to refresh i get an EMPTY dashboard. I tried to rebuild dashlets did not work. Its only effecting the current user. i did the same thing with other user and again stuck and empty dashboard.
any idea?

We have had a similar problem in the past. IIRC it was caused by a fault in either file permissions or a bug in language files caused by ourselves. If you’ve done any customizations to the code, check that they’re ok (especially if you have customized the dashboard in some way) and that file permissions are fine. Also, are you running the most recent stable?

Hi @asafk,

What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

7.11.12 dont want to upgrade at the moment as i use cheap hosting so i can’t upgrade without hitting timeout. I plan to do it in the future, dont really care about it at the moment. Also, i use SuiteCRM in hebrew which is also a big headache with RTL, email templates, and other stuff. I am inserting html directly to the DB so RTL will work. Empty Dashboard is not a problem, I just thought maybe there is a solution because it was fine before. Just when added and deleted some dashlets it got stack and the rest is history.