Dashboard Dashlet Columns Width Scrolling Issue

Upgraded from Sugar 6.5 through to Suite 7.4 and today to Suite 7.5 with very few issues except that my dashboard is scrolling off the left side of the screen. This happens in all themes and is present even if I remove all dashlets. I was previously running a customized Black Sugar theme with Sugar CE 6.5 before upgrading. I see what looks like a similar issue in github (https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/1998) which is marked as fixed but I couldn’t locate a file to try it on my issue. I’m preparing to show the upgrade to some new users and hate to get off on the wrong foot on the first screen :dry:


The bug you are talking about related to a slightly different issue relating to the chart being on the home page. There is a bug open for this that is known to the developers and this will be fixed in a future release :slight_smile: