Daily Backup of Database enough?

I wrote my own cron routine to backup a SuiteCRM 8.6 database once a night.

Is it enough to have a daily backup of the database or are parts of the file structure changed / modified as well during normal daily use?


Daily backups are fine, i operate most instances on a daily schedule.

The only way the DB schema will change is if you’re adding/removing from Studio or changing module elements.

Even those changes the related custom tables are the only ones affected.

If there’s a miss-match between the vardefs defined in the files, it will be highlighted to you in the repair and rebuild and it will prompt you to execute a fix script to resolve them.

So, if we update our crm version and import same database; will it work?

I’ve never tried such a thing - but i can’t imagine there are too many schema changes between the versions (don’t hold me to that) but i believe the schema is recorded somewhere i just can’t find where it is.

I’d be tempted to try it and see in a test area - hopefully you don’t have a massive instance that’ll take a while to do

Also - i haven’t done it in a while, but if you find the DB creation script for 7.14 f.ex and then the DB creation script for 8+ and compare the two - see what’s different between DB.

My question was not so much about the DB schema. I am not worried about that.

I saw changes in size between the SuiteCRM folders a day apart and I only changed data and perhaps moved a custom field or two.
So I asked myself if SuiteCRM changes files on the server’s SSDs as well?

There’s a lot more to be backed up, not just the DB. SuiteCRM uses the filesystem extensively.

Main points:

  • everything under the upload folder (documents, attachments, images, many other things)

  • if you use Studio or Module Builder, stuff under “custom” folder, and possibly the new modules under “modules” folder