Customs URL Field not working Correctly

SuiteCRM ver 7.11.3

In studio i have created a new field which is URL field. I have set it to generate the URL from the contents of another field. I have put in start of the URL in the default box and added the field data to the end of the URL.

The new field will be placed on the account page.

However when i look at the view account page i can see the field has been populated but only will the data from the source field. The default URL data which i added in the create field screen is missing.

Any ideas?

What method are you using to concatenate the string? Logic Hooks or Calculated fields?

BTW. The normal behavior of the system is to replace the default value when you assign a different value from other field, string … it does not concatenate

I’m not using any of those. I had just placed the field code at the end of the url string. this is the method i had done for iFrames field before and that worked fine.

I assumed the URL field would work the same way

You are right. Default value is the one that generates the URL

I have tested and Ir works fine on my version (7.11.4).

  • Make sure the Generate button is selected.

  • Make sure your URL on the default value looks like this:{field}/anything/{field}{field}....

Thanks for checking

I have made sure generate URL is ticked and my default URL looks like{field}

But all i see on the view page is the contents of {field}

I will upgrade to 7.11.4 to see if that fixes the issue

I upgraded to 7.11.4 and works fine now.

thank you