Customizing the notification email when assigning to an user

Is there a way to customize the text of the fields that are sent to the user that is assigned a new lead/target/account/contact? Where can I find that information? I am only the administrator of our CRM not developer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The Assignment notifications are defined in


You can customise them by moving the file to


Good to see this and thanks to you for your suggestion. I will try this even though I’m not a developer.
It seems everyone at Sugar is needing this too (still!)
I might be wrong but this seems like it might be easy enough to give the administrator ability to customize in the same way we can do workflow customizations?

or perhaps even just a section under the ‘email setup’ in ‘admin’ where you can copy/paste markdown or html or put a WYSIWYG editor there?

I expected to have full control over this one and was surprised to see it wasn’t there as I would expect 9 out of 10 organizations would want to tweak this.

If anyone has a tutorial on this, awesome, otherwise, I’ll try to make one as I go :-0 (wish me luck…)