Customizing the List view

Hello All,

            I am having an issue in customizing the List view, All i need is to change the looking of the List view. Changes in the fields are already done from the studio, now for better understanding about my requirement i am sharing a screenshot please have a look at attachment and let me know that  how to make such customization is possible.

In the screen shot i have marked the field which has some fields are define with it in the list view and its remaining related fields are shown in bottom part in text area.

i need to customize my List view like this, please guide me to make it possible

Any help is much Appreciable


What you want to do is not possible without altering/ hacking the code quite significantly.

Hello Andy
Thanks for Your reply.

Please guide me How can i Altering the code. and to understand the directory structure of suitecrm


Sorry I cant really guide you on how to do something so complex, its beyond the scope of a forum post.

I would say search google for info on altering the ListView template for sugarcrm 6.5.x and you may find some useful info. You would also want to look into doing ajax calls to custom controller methods.

Actually i have already searched google regarding this, but didn’t get any useful info for such issue.

Not quite what you want but may have some hints:

Try searching the old sugar forums here:

They have been taken down now but were a gold mine of info.

Thanks Andy,

I will try to dig out some info from these document and fourms, and get back to you.

Thanks a ton.

Hello Andy,

i have tried with your solution but it didn’t work for me, it only shows a undefine on the whole screen and shows same effects on other modules too.
Please show me some other way to make it possible.

Thank you

I never gave you a solution just info on where to look. I don’t know off the top of my head how to do the modification you want. It would take hours of research to find out exactly how to do it and that’s your job :wink:

Have you looked at this:

I didn’t found anything related to my requirement so please provide any other way if you can