Customizing the Contact subpanel under Accounts

Hi, I’m customizing the Contacts subpanel (under Accounts) to only display the columns that I’d like to see.

Admin > Studio > Accounts > Subpanels > Contacts

There are two fields “Name [full_name]” and “Name [name]”. Both are the same except the latter is clickable. I’d like to hide “Name [full_name]” but the system will not let me. Even trying to reposition will always set it back as the first column. Is this a bug?

verify / correct permission.

Hi item,

I have tried what you suggested however as admin, all permission are already set. Is it working differently on your end?

I’m currently at:

Version 7.6.6
Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)



This issue still haven’t been resolved. Can you please explain in steps? Thanks.