Customizing SubPanelTiles.js

Hi, I’ve run into an issue that has been asked on Github a few years ago but there was never an answer found for this and the devs closed the topic - I’ve been using subpanels on my edit view for a while now by including them as a global setting in a custom view and doing a search and replace on /include/SubPanel/SubPanelTiles.js where I change DetailView to EditView. This works and gives you all the functionality that you would have on detail view but the issue is that this breaks subpanels on it’s detail view. I’ve been searching through the files and am unable to find how the actual view/page is constructed and how I would be able to have separate scripts (one for editview, one for detailview) so I can handle subpanels accordingly. Does anyone know where I would be able to change this include?

I’m assuming this will also be where other includes are located, such as jquery and other JS dependencies. But I don’t know how I can edit these default dependencies