Customizing My Activity Stream dashlet

Hello world! :slight_smile:

I am new here. This is my first topic. Been using suitecrm for like a month as an administrator. I managed to install it, to adopt and customize many features so far. Must admit that I’m quite satisfied with what this software offers out of the box.

Now I am stuck with probably some programming since I can’t find administrative option for what I want to make.
And I want to customize what is going to be seen in the activity stream dashlet. I’m not fully satisfied for example with: EmployeeX created a new contact John Doe. I want to extend this sentence adding Account Name (where John Doe is working) at the end.

For what I know currently there is no option for managing the form in which the modules send data to the activity feed. Am I right?
If this is the case, how can I change this default behaviour. Should I make some change in some file, which and how?


I never mentioned that I tried to do it this way but unfortunately that was not the solution:

$text = ‘{SugarFeed.CREATED_LEAD} [’ . $bean->module_dir . ‘:’ . $bean->id . ‘:’ . $full_name . ‘] {SugarFeed.WITH} [Accounts:’ . $bean->account_id . ‘:’ . $bean->account_name . ‘]’;

Amended LeedFeed file adding: {SugarFeed.WITH} [Accounts:’ . $bean->account_id . ‘:’ . $bean->account_name . ']
But that was not enough.

Any ideas?

Anyone? Just a small tweak I guess. How to amend this text in sugarfeed line when new lead is created adding account name?

You aren’t too far off…

  1. Buy and read this eBook so you understand beans and how to use them:
  2. You will need to lookup the relationship to accounts, which this book will explain how to do. It is worth every penny if you’re going to be making changes to SuiteCRM code.
  3. The SugarFeed.CREATED_LEAD text is ‘replaced’ with plain old English (or whatever your language is)… but you can’t just makeup your own unless you add it to a language file. If you only need to support one language, the easiest thing to do would be to just write what you want it to say… and not worry about the language files for what you’re trying to do.

Good Luck!