Customize tabs in editview

I’m trying to customize the view of a module, specifically the view of the Accounts module.
How can I insert custom code for a specific TAB in the view?
I created the TAB with Studio but now I would like to insert my own code.
From the file /custom/modules/Accounts/views/view.detail.php is it possible to add code in the display() method only for the tab I created with Studio?


You can load javascript to the page. Look at the file modules/Contacts/views/view.edit.php as example.
As a variant you can edit custom/modules/Accounts/views/view.detail.php manually and add to the field array customCode.

let me explain, I can customize the view but my goal is to customize the content of a tab, in the example the tab ‘Elinet’, how can I do that?


What do you mean by content of a tab? As a variants:

  • add custom fields with custom code
  • check some fields on a tab
  • show different fields
  • set buttons
  • ect

For content of a tab I mean to be able to insert my php code that will be interpreted to populate the content of a specific TAB.
In the view.detail.php file I could modify the display() method eliminating the call to parent::display() and create my own TAB management, but this implies that I lose the actions menu and the buttons to scroll the tabs of the Companies.
So I prefer to create from Studio an empty tab and populate it with the data that interest me.

There isn’t special mechanism working with tabs. I see three variants

  • you create custom field type custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/Specialtab which has data processor and generate html code using smarty or without it.
  • you create custom Smarty function custom/include/Smarty/plugins and call it using array customCode for field in detailviewdefs.php
  • insert the custom function into file view.detail.php. It will manipulate with $this->dv->sectionPanels and calling it like this:
// your custom function
    public function changeCustomPanel()
            foreach ($this->dv->sectionPanels as $row => $columns) 
                // your code
    public function display()
        if (empty($this->bean->id)) 
        $this->changeCustomPanel(); // call your custom function
        echo $this->dv->display();

Thanks for the suggestions,
I had tried to go with the third solution but checking the $this->dv->sectionPanels array I couldn’t figure out where to engage with the code.
I opted for a fourth solution, I insert via javascript the content I need directly into the tab panel.


The code shown is only an example

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I wanted ask you about javascript but you wrote about php at once. :wink:

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No problem, thanks :wink: