Customize popup list view query - popup opened from subpanel select button

Dear Friends,

I have two modules with many to many relationship modules name are Accounts and Users.

Now, what I want to apply is,
Logged in user can only be able to see those accounts, which have many to many relationship with current logged in user.

Means, If I select user A and B from user subpanel from Account record, then this record should be visible to only user A and B.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any doubts.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Prafull,

I currently have a similar case and I have solved it temporarily like this:

In the file “/custom/modules/MODULE/metadata/popupdefs.php” I get the ID of the elements that I do not want to list and assign them to the “$ popupMeta” varibale.

global $ current_user;
$ ignoreId = $ current_user-> id;
$ popupMeta = array (
     'ignoreIds' => $ ignoreIds,


In the “_get_where_clause” function, before the return I write the filter that I need:

function _get_where_clause ()
if (isset ($ this -> _ popupMeta ['ignoreIds'])) {
if (! empty ($ where)) $ where. = 'AND';
$ where. = 'assigned_user_id! = "'. $ this -> _ popupMeta ['ignoreIds'] '"';
return $ where;

I hope this is useful for you.

A greeting.