Customize Maps Table fields

Hello, everyone,
Does anyone know how to modify the table fields below the map display? For example I would like to replace the collona Group with another one. With Studio I didn’t find the possibility to do it.

I am not sure, but isn’t that part of Google’s widget? At least the visuals on those columns don’t seem to be created by SuiteCRM. If you inspect the HTML you should be able to tell (from the class names, etc). if it’s from Google then you can search online about how to configure that…

Hi, Pgr,
inspecting the code I saw that the part that interests me is in custom/modules/jjwg_Maps/views/view.map_markers.php.
I found that the map management project on SuiteCrm is probably JJWDesign-Google-Maps .
What I don’t understand is how to set the default fields for each map_marker element. Fields that are then represented in the table below the Google map

The original repo has been unmaintained for a long time. Just focus on the code copied into SuiteCRM’s repo.

I don’t know how to do it, but it does seem to be handled in that file you mentioned. There’s a Javascript object that defines the table structure and then calls some callback function to get the data (although I didn’t find this function, based on a quick look). Maybe with some Javascript debugging in the browser you can get to the point you need…

Good luck, and tell us if you discover how to do it! Thanks