Customize Login with Recaptcha

Hello all,

we need to customize a login functionality by adding recaptcha.

As i see in source code, AuthenticationController::getAuthController($type) looks for custom authentification class in <SUITE_HOME>/custom/modules/Users/authentication/ folder.

So, I suppose to put some custom functionality in <SUGAR_HOME>/custom/modules/Users/authentication/.

Would it be a correct and RECOMMENDED way to do it? Would we be able to make updates in future?

Is there a possibility to do it with hooks?

Please consider, i am new to SuiteCRM.

Thanks a lot,

Hi, I created a module for this. It is however based on the php captcha library securimage. I suppose you can figure out how to enable recaptcha for your login screen as well.

You can download it form github, please read the readme:

Hi Jan,
thank you very much for your implementation. It’s always nice, if somebody wants to help you :slight_smile:

We’ve also already created our version and use it widely.


I am getting an error after install this extension from module loader when i am going to login it is asking me

but it is not asking me captcha enter field also in console log there is an error for
[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #form: (More info:

Thanks Regards
Ahsan Abid