Customize Duplicate Action


I was wondering if I can alter what happens when I hit “duplicate”.

I am generating a purchase order number in a logic hook as soon as the status of a quote is changed to “won”. The po number will be saved with the quote and all is good - until I want to create a similar quote and just duplicate the existing one. In that case the quote already has a po number (the old one) and no new number is generated and assigned.

To overcome this issue I’d like to customize the duplicate action and delete the po number in the newly created quote.

Is that easily possible?


Jan, I do not do this in our SuiteCRM so I am just helping you think here. :slight_smile:

You can look into the workflow and see if you can setup a flow that on duplicate of quote where status is won delete PO.

Worth a try…


Hi Chad,

interesting thought. :slight_smile: However, I thought that the workflows are data-driven, not event-driven. How would you approach this?


It’s field driven actually… Maybe you can do something on the PO field and or the Status field…

This way when you duplicate a record and edit it it will ask to delete the PO Field because conditions are met.