Customize Custom Modules

Hello guys,
I am working on a project and i created a custom module for accounts.
i added new panels for contacts and documents on the edit view.But i noticed it will be very difficult to make these panels work like the original panels for contacts and documents provided originally by SuiteCRM.
Is there a way to make these Panels (or we can also call them Modules) work like the original one provided by SuiteCRM?
An Example : The Modul “Documents” in SuiteCRM helps us to upload files into SuiteCRM but the Panel i added in the Edit view of Accounts will not allow me to do the same
Is there a way to fix this?

Is there any way you want to create your custom modules for documents and Contacts?

If you created your custom modules, Make sure you select the right template to create your modules.

Functionality should be similar. Now if you want similar functionality you can take a look into the original code of the Contacts and Documents modules and try to duplicate the functionality.