Customize buttons in subpanel

in our suitecrm instance we created a custom module with 1:n relationships for accounts module (Accounts module is primary module and in the custom module we have fields where choose account record).

In account detailview, I would like remove select button actions and substitute create (quickcreate) button with button that opens the full form for the custom module (if not possible, it is ok remove create button too)

I try to override default.php in custom/modules/<mymodule>/metadata/subpanels so:

$subpanel_layout = array(
'list_fields' => array (
'top_buttons' => array (

Made QRR and Repair Relationship but doesn’t change

Can someone help me?


Maybe try this technique, it is really helpful to learn this for the future, you will use it in many occasions to find out what SuiteCRM is doing: