Customize Advanced Search Options in Contacts

I am probably overlooking something obvious. But how do I add a field to the search options when doing an advanced search. In other words I have a custom field I created, it is in all of the views but I cannot seem to be able to figure out how to add the capability to search for it.

Hi Cade,

Navigate to Admin -> Studio -> your module -> Layouts -> Search -> Advanced Search



you’re the bomb if no one has told you so yet. :wink:

That’s where it’s SUPPOSED to be but it’s not showing as an option in Studio->module->layouts at all. The system admin installed this today and I’m SO frustrated. What am I doing wrong/not seeing?

Used Salesforce for years, then Sugar for five more years, and really want to switch to Suite because it looks great but things seem to be missing. Is it me? Is it us? Help!

ahh nevermind…I read about the new filter search instead of the old way.