Customization of Contacts Show Duplicates

HI All,

When we adding a new Contact, the SuiteCRM find the duplicates of the contact. We planned to make some customization on this (to add some more fields like business, created date and to whom it is assigned). and I could not find external ways to do this. So in purpose of experimenting I have made the changes on the core files and it is working now.(Please see attached image 1).

I have made the changes on the file "“SuiteProject\include\SugarObjects\forms\PersonFormBase.php”

Now I would like to make this as a module. Which can be installed or uninstalled . How can I do this?


Hello there,

You have to create a manifest.php and write instruction to copy file to specified folder.

You can find complete guide here.

Note : your proposed changes are un-upgradesafe , So if your system get upgraded to next version. your changes will be vanished.

Thank You for your reply

Yes , It’s not upgrade safe. How can I make this as Upgrade Safe way? Possible? since these changes are made on SuiteCRM core files

Hi Nadil,

I am trying to build a similar customization like your nice hack.
Have you found a solution for this?
I have tried adding a custom/include/ugarObjects/forms/PersonFormBase.php file but no results.
If so can you please share your code?