customization in contacts and products

Hi all
I am new to suite CRM and to this forum. I like the product very much and I have made great progress already in generating my own pdf-templates etc. However, as you can imagine, I have some things I cannot solve without some support. Of course, I have checked the forum before to see whether these questions were already answered before, alas, I did not find anything. Maybe someone has a clue? My questions are:

  • in my offer template, I have something like “Dear $billing_contact_salutation $billing_contact_last_name”, however, I have to make it in German. And there, the “dear” is different for male and female (sorry for that :). It goes “Sehr geehrter Herr …” for a man and “Sehr geehrte Frau…” for a female. Is there a possibility to add a “gender” tag to the contact and evaluate this conditionally in the template? Or, is it possible to put the full text “Sehr geehrte Frau” somewhere in the contact?

  • our products have different units (Squaremeter, Piece, Hours,…) is it possible to define this unity with the product so that I can use it together with the $aos_products_quotes_product_qty in the template?

  • we want to use SuiteCRM also for delivery notes. This is not an existing category like “offers” or “invoices” yet… Is there a possibility to make my own category?

  • we have different enumeration schemes for “offers”, “invoices” and “delivery notes” . I can make pdf templates for all that. However, in the “fields” dropdown box there is only “offers” but no “invoice”. In “offers” I have the possibility to select theoffer number $aos_quotes_number but is there something similar for invoices? This is important as we have far more offers than invoices ( :slight_smile: ) and the numbering of invoices shall not skip any numbers (hope it is clear what I mean).

Thanks in advance for your help.