Customise search filter


I created a custom module (Student). Now i need to make some changes to the search filter in that module. Moreover, I want to add new filter tab alongside Quick Filter and Advanced Search. Is it possible to create a custom filter with custom fields ? If so how do i proceed?

All the default and custom field of a module can be included in the default filters tab.
Sorry, but you should use the default features.
Why you want to create your own custom filters functionally?


As per my project’s requirement, i have to customise the search filter for a module. I am required to create another search filter with different fields and inputs. What i am trying to do is leave default filters as it is and create my own filter. Is it not possible?


I added a custom field to opportunities. The custom field is “pipeline type”, and the value could be “product” “services” or " research contract".

I would like to filter based on a business or the other (selling product or selling services)

thank you

Go to Admin->Studio

From there select your custom module->Layouts-> Filter

Once you are there select Quick Filter or Advanced Filter to add your field to the view.

Make sure you go to Admin->Repair-> Quick Repair and Rebuild to make sure your changes are displayed.