Customer Support Portal

Hi Everyone,

First post, so please be gentle.

I have started using suiteCRM for my tiny 1 man IT Support company and would like to get more out of it. I have been searching for something that i can use to create a client self service portal. Somewhere that client can:

  • Generate a support ticket
  • I can track where the support is up to with the ticket
  • Upload a file

In my search I cam e across vtiger which can do all of those things as shown here:

Can suiteCRM do the same? If so, is there any documentation somewhere?



Hi Duke,

SuiteCRM offers case management through emails out the box, there is also a Joomla plugin which adds a portal to a Joomla site for case management which allows both parties to post updates, upload files e.t.c. This can be found at the bottom of the downloads page:

If you’re planning on running a different CMS for the portal then integrations are still possible but would require extra development.

Hope this helps,