Customer Portal - I had a dream


I am French and first of all sorry for my english which is not fluent. I am coming on the Suite CRM forum as I am looking for a CUSTOMER PORTAL web solution. I am not a developper and have only few simple knowledge of web language développment. Here is the description what I am looking for:

  • For our small Cleaning company we are looking for a solution to create our customer specific web access pages for them to get some documents:
  • Page with quotes, invoices ect… to be dowloadable.
  • Page with other documents to be downloaded in PDF or other format (quality check documents, method doc, process, …)
    -Page with emailing to ask for appointment, doc, quality check, etc…
  • Page with agenda to check for client our availability to fix an appointment.
    this client portal should be realy easy to create for each client, through an administrative portal that allow without developpement knowledge to create ID/password, new portal clients, upload doc, and exchange with client through messagerie.

I am wondering to know if SuiteCRM solution could help to answer our needs?

I would be very grateful if someone answer to our question.

Welcome to Forums @francklarcher

Out of the Box PORTAL that SuiteCRM supports is JOOMLA and Here is the Plugin

For your requirements like Emailing, Agenda( Calendar) and Quotes/Invoices view/download, the Solution can be to Create CRM users for those Clients with Limited Access setup in Roles to see only those Records that are assigned to them or their group.

A big thanks for your answer !!! I ll do my best to learn how to do now.