Customer portal alternative method

Hello there,

I was wondering if there’s a way to make this work the way I am thinking at the moment.
Problem: Can’t seem to find a free customer portal that allows me to provide the access levels that I want to provide to my customers. The free ones only allow them to create cases.

I was wondering if there’s a way I could provide my customers actual user accounts but only provide them access to their company data and data pertaining to their sub companies, contacts, etc.

I sense this could be achieved using user groups and the security suite but I am not sure exactly how to do so or the approach I must take in order to seclude the user to the Account they belong within.

Can anyone help with this or shed some light on the process?

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Yes you can best use Security Suite to make sure user(customer in your case) sees what either belongs to him, or the Group he belongs to.

For example,
James Smith has X number of Accounts directly assigned to him will be visible to him always.
Plus N number of Accounts assigned to the group he is part of.
I sense this could be achieved using user groups and the security suite but I am not sure exactly how to do so or the approach

If that doesn’t work as expected, you can always customize SuiteCRM to show definite data

This description stands true if you have all your customers as SuiteCRM users

I was actually able to do this yesterday and tested it out. I will writing the steps and process for it today and test it again to ensure I have it right.

I didn’t want to provide Clients ‘User’ level access and prefer that portal to be kept separate from the actual installation for an added security and I know sometimes a security setting might be missed but this (for now) is a better choice as funding for creating a custom portal is just not there at the moment.

With the portal the client will not have the User level access, they are given a facility to log in to the portal and see their relative data and can do some self servicing activities. Also the portal will be a separate installation from sugar, which connects SuiteCRM with REST API, the customer support portal is safe and secure. you may go through Customer Portal

I had checked it out and there’s many more I’d like the Client to do that the portal doesn’t allow. Add products, view sales orders, upload documents, create accounts and contacts, etc. And at $500 per month, it doesn’t make sense for us. We operate an IT company and we’ve taken the opensource router but at the price we could just sign up with a PSA or some other paid software for much less. Not to mention the additional costs for adding the features we need in it. That’s why we took the route of adding the clients as users.

I understand your concerns. We have a other flat rate and discounted plans for the portal. The portal is obviously customized to include the Products, Invoice etc, Not all client really needs the products, invoice, accounts and other things so considering the general public’s requirements we have included the features. However it can be customized to include custom modules as well. In reference you or original post we just tried to show you that there exists possibility of what you are trying to achieve. May be it via portal or creating clients as CRM Users.

@pgr When will SuiteCRM release its Portal on Wordpress. Seeing two powerful open source systems combined would be a huge boost in terms of Customer Support Companies turning to Open Source.