Customer number generator

Is it possible to make custom number by auto generator.
Customer 1 - 10002
Customer 2 - 10003
And so on.

yes, you can do it with this tool

hurry up because sugarforge will be up until march 6

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This not work for me.

Module install is ok, but feild auto increacement not exsist.

You have to scroll up the data type

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It not in the field list.

run a quick repair

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quick repair and it works

Hi mike and thank you, first of all.
autoincrement field works and i can add a doc_number field in contacts module with studio.
But when i try to generate a “letter” for the contact with “PDF Template” in which i cabled the *doc_number_c field added to contacts module, there’s no useful result and the doc_number is not shown

any suggestion for my scope?
thank you again

You just need to install one of them, the version 2, after install the module go to Admin -> Repair -> Quick Repair and Rebuild and check again.

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No problem vcapoccia, the variable that you’re calling in the pdf template is not $doc_number_c, is $aos_quotes_number, I think that you just got the wrong one.

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I’m sorry Mike,
but the field seems not to be $doc_number_c, as you told, nor $aos_quotes_number as you suggest.
Infact the result is attached to this reply and is only the printed variable.

The problem is that i don’t necessarly have a quote related to the letter. the letter is a document itself, so that i need something that works on the single document (in this case a “letter”) each time i generate it for a contact.

Is it possible on your opinion and experience to reach this goal?

Thank you again

This is what I ended up doing… I created the field (crmid_c ) as integer in Studio, then I went into the database and did this.

SET NEW.crmid_c = (SELECT max(crmid_c) +1 as crmid_c FROM accounts_cstm);

and set the key to PK, NN, AI to fill the backlog of existing entrees.

If that doesn’t work, or you want some more functionality,