Custom Workflow Action to send email to Projects > Businesses > custom_field (User list)

I just trying to figure out a way to create a Workflow in SuiteCRM for the following requirement.

In Businesses there is a custom drop-down to select ‘Account Manager’ (User list)
CRM has Projects. Projects and Businesses have one-to-one relationship.
I want to trigger an email alert to ‘Account Manager’ in Business which is linked to a Project, when Project status changed to ‘Completed’

the problem is I’m unable to setup a Workflow since ‘Account Manager’ field is not visible in Workflow mail settings (Action > Send mail > field list)
Can someone help me on this pls?

To set up workflow on the ‘Account Manager’ Field you need to add a Custom action link for sending email to the account manager on workflow action.

@jessica1 thanks for your help.
may I know how can I add Custom action link?

For creating a custom action link in workflow action, you need to create action.ext.php file on below path,


After Creating file, add below code in your file,

Once you add code, Create actionCustomAction.php file for run action on below path,


In the edit_display function, you need to write your html code which you want to show in workflow action.

Add Below Code in edit_display function for actionCustomAction.php

public function edit_display($line, SugarBean $bean = null, $params = array()){

//Get Module

$modulename = $bean->module_dir;

//URL To Notify

$urlNotifyLabel = '"'.translate('LBL_URL_NOTIFY_INFO','AOW_Actions').'"';

$parameterFields = getModuleFieldsDropdown('Accounts', '', 0);

$html .= "<fieldset>";

$html .= "<div class='ParametersContainer'>";

$html .= "<table class='tbl_action_method'>";

$html .= "<tr rowspan = '4'><td><b>Related Module Fields:</b></td></tr>";

$html .= "<tr rowspan = '4'>";

$html .= "<td><b><select option='select' name='aow_actions_param[".$line."][action_method]'>";

$html .= "<option selected='selected'>".$parameterFields."</option></select></td>";

$html .= "<td><b><select option='select' name='aow_actions_param[".$line."][action_method]'>";

$html .= "<option selected='selected'>".$parameterFields."</option></select></td>";

$html .= "</table>";

$html .= "</div>";

return $html;

}//end of function

After adding html code in edit_display function, Workflow custom action block looks like below screenshot,

After Setting Workflow, add run_action function for run action based workflow configuration.

Add below code in run_action function of actionCustomAction.php file

public function run_action(SugarBean $bean,$params = array(),$in_save = false){

$projectStatus = $bean->status;

$field = $bean->getFieldDefinition($params['related_module_name']);

$relateId = $field['id_name'];

if($projectStatus == "Completed"){

$relatedModule = BeanFactory::getBean($field['module'], $relateId);

$relatedFieldId = $relatedModule->$params['related_module_fields'];

$userBean = BeanFactory::getBean('Users', $relatedFieldId);

$email = $userBean->email1;



$emailObj = BeanFactory::newBean('Emails');

$defaults = $emailObj->getSystemDefaultEmail();

$mail = new SugarPHPMailer();


$mail->From = $defaults['email'];


$mail->FromName = $defaults['name'];

$mail->Subject = $emailSubject;

$mail->Body = $emailBody;






return false;

}//end of function

After adding all the things, Create/Edit Project record based on workflow configuration and check Email you will get or not on the selected account manager email address.

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Thanks for suggesting this, I will keep in mind.