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Custom Theme question

Hi All,
I have created a sub theme following the instructions given at this link:
Creating a Custom SuiteP Sub-theme
and I could see the new theme in the layout from the admin’s profile and I have no issue making changes in styles.

However, what does this command have to do with custom/themes directory?
./vendor/bin/pscss -f compressed themes/SuiteP/css/Noon/style.scss > themes/SuiteP/css/Noon/style.css
Wouldn’t it just compile scss file in the /themes to css file in the same directory? Or should this command create a compiled css file into custom/themes as well? Would this command also copy the compiled css into cache/themes directory?

I tried to keep

When you do your changes, you need to compile the files to generate the proper *.css file.

If you are in Wildows, you can use this tool:

Thank you, but I already understand the compiling process. Maybe I should change the question. How’s the compiled file getting copied to the custom/theme and cache/ directory?
How does the main themes directory check custom/themes directory. I guess it would refer to the themedef.php from custom/themes/…/mytheme but which file calls and checks this themedef.php and create/overwrite changes to cache/themes/…/mytheme?

After following through the instruction page of creating a custom theme, I also tried to copy the complied style.css to custom/themes/…/mytheme but then styles stopped applying so I had to remove it to make it work again.

The styles.css placed in custom dir are appended to the default files. So you shouldn’t use full copies there, you should just define the styles you need to override.

@pgr thanks for your answer, for some reason I believed compiling scss files to css, directly to /custom/themes folder would create the same result but it didn’t.

I’ll stick to your suggestion.

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