Custom SuiteP sub-themes, more contrast

Hi everyone.

I wrote a blog post describing how to customize the sub-themes in SuiteP, from 7.10 onwards. These are the designs called “day, dusk, dawn and night”.


EDIT use this newer link instead:

I also did one round of quick-fixes for the lack of colour contrast that some users complained about.

I am opening this thread because I would like to get some feedback on this. How many people are trying it? Is it working well for them? Who else has this problem? What is still missing (not the whole compliance thing, just the most immediate needs please)?



Great work on the “Noon” style

For reference: Accessibility - WCAG color contrast [Request]
(first post has useful links)

Just some quick notes:

1- I would prefer that the Noon style stays almost the same as the other styles in 7.10, just with color changes for contrast.
So no fixes for issues on any functionality (and no own bugs) unless the other styles get them too.
It would be a template just for “Color compliance”, available in core code so it gets any update the other styles may have.

2- I would not touch the other styles with WCAG requirements for now, let designers have their day there!

3- To include any other accessibility features, its better to have a separated template, to work as a test/WIP to have features that could later be included in core
But it will require someone to manage it!
It would have its own life, similar as the SuitePimproved or any other theme

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To be honest, I have not yet looked at SuiteCRM 7.10, as it’s still a work-in-progress. Once it is officially released, I will then wait for several interim updates before installing, at which time I’ll simply make any necessary CSS changes to fit my needs.

However, I applaud any initiative that educates users on how to make their own theme changes. What you have posted is a major advance!

Ultimately, when it comes to themes, the most flexible option for everyone is going to be giving system admins the widest control possible over the look of their [SuiteCRM] installations.

That means the ability to set colors, font sizes, font weights (contrast) and spacing/padding, then ideally being able to save those settings in a “theme configuration” [text] file. (The handful of themes coming with 7.10 could provide a starting point for custom theme creation).

This would eventually allow system admins to exchange themes with others - e.g. via a central “theme library” on this forum. (In the spirit of open-source, it makes all our efforts available to other users).

As I have mentioned in previous posts, what constitutes a good layout really depends on what kind of device you are using to access the system … desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc., as each one requires different spacing/padding. Therefore, a user’s theme is something that should ultimately be selectable at time of login.

This is the only way SA will ever be able to extricate themselves from the impossible task of trying to please everyone!

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Hi everyone,

We are running version 7.10 and are not so fond of the current color scheme.

I found out that one can change the layout settings under Profile/Layout options (as pgr suggested). ‘Dawn’ is standard active.

Now here’s my problem: when switching to Day, Dusk or Night I loose my template:


@Uiterhage if you didn’t do any CSS customizations, this is likely a permissions or caching issue. So you could try

  • checking if SuiteCRM has the appropriate write permissions to directory “cache”

  • do a Quick Repair and Rebuild

  • if that doesn’t work, try deleting “cache/themes” directory, it will get recreated and hopefully fix it.

@pgr thanks for your suggestions. I will put your options forward to our developer and will report if this has fixed the issue later.

@pgr: we followed the first two suggestions:

• checked the read/write rights of the SuitsCRM/cache/cache directory: I have the right to ‘write’.

• I did a Quick Repair and Rebuild > didn’t work

Your last suggestion was to delete the cache/themes folder (only the ‘themes’ folder, correct?): the cache folder is a ‘read only’ directory of which I can not acces it’s read/write permissions through Plesk, so I am not able to do this unfortunately. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your time and help/suggestions. Appreciate it very much.

It seems you contradict yourself: the cache folder is writeable, but you can’t delete “cache/themes” subfolder?

Note that the user that needs to be able to write to “cache” folder and all subbfolders is your web server user, not whatever user you’re are using to log in.

BTW, another good thing to always check is if you have FATAL or ERROR messages on your logs, at the time when the broken screen shows.


Hi pgr,

I couldn’t find the php_error.log in the main directory (SuiteCRM folder), however I checked the suitecrm.log in the main directory and it does contain quite a few errors (I excluded repeated issues):

Tue Feb 27 15:00:17 2018 [545][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] ERROR: rmdir_recursive(): argument cache/themes/SuiteP/modules is not a file or a dir.
Tue Feb 27 15:00:36 2018 [545][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Tue Feb 27 15:02:05 2018 [1444][1][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Tue Feb 27 15:02:22 2018 [1444][1][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Tue Feb 27 15:04:05 2018 [2108][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] Undefined index: module
Tue Feb 27 15:04:05 2018 [2108][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] Invalid or missing SubPanelDefinition property: subpanel_name
Tue Feb 27 15:04:05 2018 [2108][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] Failed to load original or custom subpanel data for eapm in
Tue Feb 27 15:05:56 2018 [2487][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Sat Apr 21 20:03:31 2018 [10129][1][FATAL] Error: File [modules/EmailAddresses/metadata/detailviewdefs.php] is missing. Unable to create because no corresponding HTML file was found.
Mon Apr 23 09:37:58 2018 [23007][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Mon Apr 23 10:39:06 2018 [3808][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] field_defs should be an array
Mon Apr 23 10:42:19 2018 [4178][cb2d0542-586d-d691-98cd-5a9570fccb9f][FATAL] ERROR: rmdir_recursive(): argument cache/themes/SuiteP/modules is not a file or a dir.

Does this help?

PS. I understand the confusion about the cache folder: there are two:
• SuitsCRM/cache/cache (which I can see/change permissions)
• SuitsCRM/cache (which I can not see/change permissions) This folder is read only, so I am not able to delete SuitsCRM/cache/cache folder(s)

I could however delete the SuitsCRM/cache/cache/themes folder, but after doing this the problem exists: unable to select a different style under Layout Options.

Any aditional thoughts?


Please upgrade to 7.10.4, I see errors that we already fixed in your logs…

Ok, I will.

I will post if issues are solved after update.


Hi pgr,

We’ve just updated from 7.10 to 7.10.4 and every single problem I experienced is solved by this update :cheer:

The templates however have some flaws that hopefully will be fixed in the next update, but now at least I can work with it.

I would like to thank you again for the effort you put into this thread to help me out. Really great and very much appreaciated!!

Have a good one.

We have suiteP → Noon theme enabled. CRM v7.13 | Cache folder has 775 permission.

So, I delete cache-> theme folder and QR&R, but still I am not able to see proper text color when click on ‘CREATE’ dropdown menus.

Do we have to delete any other folders?



After deleting cache/themes folder.

You need to do ‘Empty cache and hard reload’ on your browser.