Custom subPanel

I have custom module say Mod A and it has Many - Many with Leads. From ModA, leads subpanel shows default layout which i dont want. I can change it in studio but each time I deploy custom module from module builder, those changes will be lost.

How should we go about this? How to create a custom Leads subpanel, which I can select in Module builder, so that it will be used as default subpanel layout.

If you can avoid redeploying the module from Module Builder, that would be a start.

You need to go a bit deeper and start understanding the files that these tools are changing in the “custom” directory. Have a look at the Developer Guide.

At a simple level, you can just backup the Studio files that define your Subpanel, and put them back each time the Module Builder overwrites them. Later on, you can do simple module changes from the files system, without going into Module Builder at all, if it turn out to be simpler for you.

Thank you for quick revert and excellent suggestion. I was able to figure out that custom layout remains but the mapping gets wiped out after module builder deployment. mapping is stored in below file. So I just took a backup and restoring it after each deployment. working great !