Custom Sub SuiteP Theme

I created custom sub SuiteP theme and it can be seen in layout options but when apply custom theme my template breaks and disappears only links and text can be seen. What can be the issue, I have installed the latest version of SuiteP

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Check access to files ( May be problem is here.

Can it be a version problem actually I have not installed the latest one it’s 7.10.27

I think that no. It’s stability version
Did you check access? Do you clean cache of your browser?

Yes I did…but the problem exists… I am building it again…

Problem solved. It was a stability problem. Thank you

Do you changed version of Suite?

Just for future generations… Some tips regarding SuiteP:

When we customize or create a theme, we usually use the theme’s files of the current installed SuiteCRM version as the base files for those customizations.
That helps to make sure customizations are fully compatible with the current installation.

Now, when we upgrade SuiteCRM (This is based on my experience and with some of the latest versions specially) it’s recommended to disable our custom theme before proceeding to upgrade. That will prevent some theme related errors during the upgrade process.

Once upgrade is complete, we can re-enable our custom theme. If all works fine then GREAT!! We do not need to worry about it. BUT, if the custom theme no longer works with the custom theme, then we will need to migrate our customization to the upgraded version of SuiteP of our installation.