Custom SQL Script

Plz i need help for a specific case I need to execute a sql script (mysqcript.sql), and I wonder where I can put this sql script in the project which contains custom insert and create?
And is-there a way to execute it via command line without going through a script.php or mysql ?

Thank you in advance

You can use direct SQL like in this example

Thank you, But i wich to execute it without acces to suitecrm.
just by accessing to source code.
to explain more : I have source code of an application suitecrm (i have update many things) so i wich to use it for another client without install suitecrm so i copy the source code and for the DB i wich to add the script to source code and execute it with line commmand

If you want to just use SQL, why are you asking here in the SuiteCRM forums?

You just want PHP to access SQL?

I’m asking because i dont know where can i put my script sql in the project (i have to respect the architect of projet and i dont know lot of about it) ,and i m wondering if there is a solution to excute it like that : php bin/sugarcrm ( )
I have suitecrm 7.9.7 (i cant use the command above)

The equivalent to that in SuiteCRM are Robo tasks:

I’m not sure if that already exists in your version…

But you can simply have a script somewhere in your Linux install, under custom directory for example, and run it from the shell.