Custom sales stages

I added custom sales stages in opportunities, but now SuiteCRM do not recognize this custom sales stage when I check to show only “Open Items” and also in Home “My Top Open Opportunities”

Is there a way to set this right?

Hi Nevals,


you will want to copy this to the custom dir, however in there there is a section which is what you are looking for.

in this file there is a section

	'open_only' => array(
		'operator'=>'not in',
		'closed_values' => array('Closed Won', 'Closed Lost'),

you just eed to add all closed values.


Is this upgrade safe?

Also, how to mark by default my custom sales stage in “My Top Open Opportunities” dashlet?

Hi Nevals,

This is upgrade safe as long as you edit the copy in the custom dir or copy the file to the custom dir.


The second I have not done however you would need to copy the dashlet files to the custom dir and modify the needed files. The file you are looking for is the following by the looks of it.


added your custom sales stage to the search fields array.


if I understood you correctly, everything I change in /custom/ directory is upgrade safe and I do not need to change anything else?

Changes in /custom/ directory will override default files in suitecrm/modules directory?

If I do not have file in custom directory than I need to copy that file from suitecrm/modules directory and paste in custom directory?

Hi Nevals,

Everything that is done in the Custom module is upgrade safe, any upgrades which are released do not change or add any files to the custom dir.

The Custom Dir can override core files, there is limits to what is overriden so some parts of the core can not be overriden. but what you are looking for can be.

Depending on the file you may need to update a name or two but for the most just copying it from the modules dir to the custom/modules dir would be enough.


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Banging my head against the wall. In Drop Down Editor, I replaced the defalt sales stages with my three new ones (Open, Won, Lost).
And I’ve made the changes to these files:


and just to be sure in these files too.

My opportunities are not showing up. I turned on database logging and it’s still looking for the default stages - Prospecting, Qualification… etc.

I wrote a program to check all 15,000 files for the words Prospecting and Qualification - nothing found. I tried deleting cache folders, no luck. I dumped the database to a text file and searched for those words - not found.

Where in the world is the application still pulling Prospecting, Qualification… from?

Forgot to mention - running a newly installed version 7.10.4.
Thanks for any help.

In case anyone has the same problem I did - I could not not figure out where SuiteCRM was pulling the original sales_stages from such as Prospecting, Qualification, Needs Analysis, etc., even after I had configured the app for new sale stages. I found that the old stages were Base64 encoded in the contents column of the user_preferences table, category “Home” for me.

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