Custom Quote Refs and Pdf filenames


I’m relatively new to suitecrm and really liking it and really very much hoping it stays with the OS spirit.

A couple of things would really help me alot so any ideas would be great on how to do these

  1. Bespoke Quote Numbering - With it being incremental starting at 0 then customers can basically figure out how many quotes your doing which I’d like to hide that :slight_smile: . Ideally I’d like to make a quote reference based on date e.g. 120314-201 on date and starting at an minium value e.g 200

  2. Export to pdf filenames - At the moment they are Quote_Service_templatename is there a way it can be Quote_RefNUmber_1234 etc ?

Any tips on how to do tihs would be much appreciated.

Hi there,

Please see this topic on how to customise the generated name for a Quote.



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Thanks Will ! Much appreciate your reply. Really want to make suitecrm work for us! Now to just to try and somehow make the quote ref a bit more huge enterprise :cheer: …