Custom PHP in workflow actions from the user interface


I see this over and over again when working with other CRMs:
Having the ability to execute a workflow with custom code, just from the admin / user interface, is really powerful.

When builing up business process automations with the standard workflows, things can get tricky when there are multiple actions that need to happen.
Or if there are requirements for a bit more complex processes / calculations etc.
I know that we can use logic hooks etc. to add PHP code. And there are calculated fields - but why not give the admin the power to write PHP?

I don’t know about you, but adding PHP code inside a text area of a workflow action would make my life much easier.

Besides zoho and SugarCRM, which other CRMs have Custom PHP in Workflow Actions from the User Interface?

Those two and Hubspot - I’m mostly working with Zoho and it’s amazing to see, how far and easy things can be pushed by using Deluge.

Yes, that is possible in SuiteCRM. It’s called custom actions in Workflows.

I’ve done it using this old tutorial:

check also parts 2 and 3 of that.

My PowerReplacer add-on has “generic” custom actions that you can write low-code style stuff in them to do whatever you want.