Custom Panel / Dashlets for a summary message on Homepage

Hi everyone,
I need to create a custom “dashlet”.

I’d just need a very simple full-width block (div or span), above all the dashlets without the default dashlet design/header. in this block I want to display the name of the connected user with a welcome message and for example a dynamic summary of his data, like this:

Welcome Nicolas, it is November 04, 2020 and here is your new data:

  • you have 3 calls today
  • you have 15 leads to process
  • you have 3 unread emails

Eventually for a manager, i may display a different message with a global summary of call / leads.

How the best practice to do this ? I searched on the forum, but without success so far. maybe with a hook ?

Thank you for your help :smiley: have a nice day

I think you might need to modify module Home under the custom folder.

There are two interesting files I would take a look: Home.html and Home.tpl

Please try and let us know.



hi @BrozTechnologies, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

ok i found Home.tpl in modules folder. So i have to copy it to custom/modules to customize, ok :slight_smile: so now how can i use beans to launch queries and display data that i want ? (name and lastname and number of calls assigned to current-user for example ? and where do i have to put this code ? directly in home.tpl ? maybe in the index file ?

i tried to copy home.tpl in his equivalent custom folder and modify home.tpl but nothing happens.

i’ve succeed to add a div on homepage by modifying header.tpl after copying it in : /custom/themes/SuiteP/tpls/header.tpl (see attachments.)

now i’m a little lost, how and where can i put code to get current user and calls assigned to etc ?
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