Custom module sub-panels error

Hi to all, i’ve created a custom module and i want to show the activity panels for him. But when i click on Sub panels i get this error:

I’ve tried to create this in 3 differtent suite crm but same error occured. i’m missing something?

Thanks all

It’s really, really helpful if people don’t forget to inform about their SuiteCRM and PHP versions in every post. Thank you…

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there’s an easy fix there.

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Thank you for the answers. Actually my suite version is 7.9.7 and php is 7.1.
i’ve tried to the fix linked, changing $_packageName to protected from private. but not so much changed. now i get a 200 instead of the 500 error, but still the bug persist

I find it bit strange that the fix didn’t work, it is the exact same problem as in that issue, and it seems to work for others… maybe there could be something cached? Try a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and some forced refreshes with ctrl-F5.

Also, maybe you could try an upgrade to 7.9.11? As always, make sure you have a good backup before any upgrade.

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Sadly even with the quick and repair and a ctrl+f5 nothing changed. i will try to fix in someways. couldn’t update atm