Custom module not showing up in roles

I have created a custom packahe with serval modules in it, But is is not showing up in roles. So anyone except admin gets a messages saying: “you do not have access to this area. Contact your site aministrator to obatain access”

Any advice would be great

Version 7.10.7

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Following may work: Stick the following into a custom controller.php file (put it in custom/modules/MODULE_NAME/controller.php)

public function preProcess()
global $current_user;
if ( !is_admin($current_user) ) {
echo ‘This module is for admin use only!’;

Suggest this guide also, it’s sugarcrm 6.5 which is basically like a slightly dated version of suitecrm:

Thanks for the link, that will be useful.

That code is to make the module a admin only module. The issue i have is the custom module does not appear in the roles list, so i am unable to provide access to exisitng users.

Fixed it. There is a repair job to do that very job!

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