Custom Module Not appearing in Pre-Defined Module

Hi Guys,

We are using SuiteCRM Version 7.11.13.

It is having Pre-Defined and Custom Modules.

Added the Relationship of “Activities” in the Custom Module to link with “Calls, Emails” Pre-defined Modules.

And added that Custom Module in “parent_type_display” of dropdown editor.

It is working good for “Emails” Module, but getting error in “Calls” Module when selected “Custom Module” in “Related To” dropdown as “Error: Module Journals does not exist.”

Please check and respond asap.

Hi @Omics,

Have you tried running a repair option yet?

Navigate to (Home > Admin Menu > Repair) and run the following:

  • Quick Repair and Rebuild

  • Rebuild Relationships

  • Rebuild JS Grouping Files

  • Rebuild Minified JS Files

  • Repair Roles

Let me know if this has any effect?