Custom module Name not seen in User Access -> User can't access module

Hello, dear SuiteCRM community.

Here is the problem i’m facing :

I made three custom modules, all in my very own paclakge.
But in the user access summary page (Admin -> User Management -> [Any user other than Admin] detail page -> Access tab),
one of these module name dosn’t show up in the summary, there is only a blank line (please see atached file), with all permissions set.

When a user tries to acces this module, the access is denied, saying that he’s not allowed to access this module.

I suppose that this module’s user access data was not correctly set…
Here are my investigation so far :

  • There is no user access declaration stored in the database
  • I compared the broken module php files vs the working ones, no declaration seems missing…
  • I tried to export then re-install the pakage, the module name doesn’t shows up…

So, here is the question :
Does anybody faced this problem ?
Is there any code-guru that could help me fixing this ?

Thank you for your help !


After a few investigations, the empty name rows are still present on a fresh installation.
When you delete a custom module, it remains present in the user access list.
My problem was that I deleted a module then recreated another with the same name.
The new module entry was not created and, as the access entry doesn’t refers to the actual module, the user can’t access it.

Just for some others who arrive here with this frustration.
I renamed my modules to lower case to do relationships better. … ran into the same issue.
Find the ACL_actions table int he DB and remove the old actions (you can filter on the category)
then repair the roles.
the new nodules will now appear in the modules list when editing the role.