Custom module don't have a /custom/modules folder

I’m working with SuiteCRM 7.11.18 (Mounted on Ubuntu 18.04) and I need to implement a before_save logic hook in a custom module; but when I create a custom module, the module builder don’t create the respective files under custom/modules/ , and the tutorials said that the logic hooks must be created on custom/modules/ folder

¿Is this a problem with the folder permissions?

¿Or It is other problem?

¿There are other options for implement a module logic hook?

PD: Add file button isn’t working :C

I add an images to try to make a little more understandable my doubt




If folder doesn’t exists you can create it manually. Just make sure you set the proper permissions when you finish creating your custom files. Don’t forget to run Quick Repair and Rebuild to make sure your changes take effect.



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I just have to create the folder and create the logic hooks files in the new folder?

The permissions are on the folder? or in the logic hooks files?

PD: Thanks for the previous answer <3

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