Custom Module - Deleted but still showing in menu

Hi all,

I’ve created a test custom module to see how it works. I went to delete it via Studio / Module Builder - the module now doesn’t appear in there. Quick repair/rebuild. Logout and back in and the menu is still showing the test module!

All edit/views/lists for the deleted test module are still available.

Is this not the correct way to delete it?

Do I have to delete the files/database entries manually?

EDIT - Ok, I now realise the Module Builder is just a place to construct the modules. From there you can either deploy, export or delete.

So, once deployed, deleting the custom Module in Module Builder has now influence on the deployed Module.

So this is now just a case of manually deleting the module?

EDIT 2 - I’ve figured it out. No manual deleting of files/tables required.

Goto Admin > MODULE LOADER > Uninstall