custom module dashlet


I have a custom module Registrations. I need records of this module to be displayed on dashlet Registrations recieved. My problem is that I am not getting any records in the dashlet for my custom module. When i create a record in suitecrms pre-built module My calls, the data is listed on the dashlet as shown below:

Am i missing something? do i need to change some setting to enable this? kindly help.

First I would also go to admin > Repair > And run - Quick repair rebuild, rebuild relationships, roles, SuiteCRM Dashlets

Seconf - I would click on the dashlet pencil and confirm the dashlet settings are correct

If still no joy you can always write a SuiteCRM report for your custom module, add the fields you would like to see and set the condition “Assigned to” = Current User

You can then use the report a dashlet and link to the report