Custom Module Advice

I am looking to make a custom module to store serial numbers sold with software and create a relationship between an opportunity and the serial number, I.e if you load the opportunity the serial number is displayed in a serial number subpannel in the opprotunity,

I think I can achieve this by using the custom module functionality in the studio. however, I want custom fields. Is there a way to delete/hide the default fields you don’t want as I really only want the fields visible relavent to the custom module.

Any advice on any of this undetaking would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you


Do this:

  1. Create a new custom module with the default fields.
  2. Add your custom field(s) to the new module.
  3. Deploy the custom module.
  4. Create a one to many relationship between Opportunity and the custom module.
  5. Go to Studio > Opportunities > Subpanels
  6. Select the subpanel for the custom module.
  7. Hide all the fields you don’t want to see.

You can test out the general principal by hiding some of the fields for one of the default sub panels before creating the custom module.
For example go to Studio > Opportunities > Subpanels > Documents and hide some fields.

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Thank you so much for your reponse.

  1. Create a one to many relationship between Opportunity and the custom module. I’m I doing this in the custom module or in the opportunities module?

A couple of questions if I may, does the created relationship described above allow for the following.

If I go to the custom module and view all serial numbers and select one does it show which opportunity it is associate with? And if I were to go to the opportunity would it display to associated serial number in the custom subpanel.

I’m really new to this and the relationship stuff is confusing me greatly. Thank you for your time and help it is greatly appreciated

From your original post the way I understand the relationship is that each Opportunity can have many Serial Numbers and each Serial Number can have only one Opportunity.

So the relationship is One Opportunity to Many Serial Numbers.
You want to setup the relationship in Opportunity.

In Opportunity you will have a subpanel that lists the serial numbers (because you can have many of them) and the Serial Number module will have a field (because you can only have one Opportunity per Serial Number). You will need to add the related field to the layouts on the detail and edit screens of the Serial Number module.


Thank you so much for this, it’s all sorted and is working well.

I’m sorry but I have another question…

The current setup is as follows:

1 package called Olympus containing 4 modules, purchase orders, URcap Database, UR Database and OnRobot Database.

If I make changes in studio and click save they work fine. However, if I create a new module in module builder and deploy it, it overites all previous changes made in studio to all the modules. Any ideas?

I hope that makes sense

Thank you again



That is a known limitation, most people don’t use Module Builder, or use it only for an initial moment, but then avoid doing redeploys because of that problem with overwriting stuff.

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noted! thank you for your reply :+1: