Custom metadata (editviewdefs.php)

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Right now I’m working on a lot of tedious field renaming and other editview customizations but I find that if I do them from studio/module builder, the custom code in /custom/modules/{module name}/ gets deleted and my scripts are no longer working. I’m trying to have it so I can edit the vardefs for editview from my custom/modules/{module name} directory without the need to redeploy. Would the best solution be to just copy the files over from /modules/{module name}/metadata/ and create a ‘metadata’ folder in my custom folder?


If you deploy your custom module from Module Builder, all the customization done from STUDIO will be removed. So if you want to keep all that which you have customized in Studio, then you need to copy custom folder files into main module and module builder.
If you know suitecrm, then i am sure you will understand what i am saying.


This advanced technique should help you gain a new vision over everything that happens in custom dir:

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Cool, neat tool! Playing around with it right now