Custom Mass Update

Hi All

After realising that the standard mass update mechanism is to slow I’ve started to look at adding a custom action in the action drop down of list view for contacts, and a custom controller. I’ve been looking through the MySQL log to see what work is going on during mass update and export. Export is fast as it executes SQL against chunks of IDs using the IN clause. The import however is processing each and every record.

I’m thinking of making my new controller work more like the export, and process updates on chunks of IDs. Is anyone aware of any potential pit falls to this approach? For example I realise the last modified date will not automatically be updated, I’m wondering are there any other critical tasks that may get missed?

$bcontact->db->query("UPDATE contacts SET last_export_date =##,##,#### WHERE id IN ( Maybe 50 IDs in here from a list of approx 10,000 in my scenario)

Any help / advice appreciated.

Many Thanks