Custom Login

I want to create different login page , without disturbing current login system, parallel to admin login, so from where we have to start?
Intially I started working with modules but it doesn’t help at all.

then create a folder in root of crm and add below line in


$entry_point_registry['nlogin'] = array('file' => 'new/login.php', 'auth' => '1');

write html for login and password field, but now how to authenticate the user?

My question is
1)how can we create the custom login gate, using module or this core php method
2)how to authenticate the user and get data for that.



The answer is in the login url. [quote]index.php?module=Users&action=Login[/quote]

Go to the modules folder, and in there, find the Users folder and then have a look in login.php and the template it calls. This gives up the login post location

I also saw Authenticate.php in the Users folder and after reading the code, it is clear that it is going to be called as a precondition of each page load. In Authenticate.php, you will also see the values it looks for in the $_REQUEST superglobal.

Now all your new login form has to do is have the same named fields on the form and post them to index.php B)



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