Custom Leads Module Fields Procedure

Hello, all.

I am attempting to push some WooCommerce data into SuiteCRM.

I have entered some custom fields into the Leads Module through Admin | Studio.

The fields are present in ‘Leads | Fields’ and ‘Leads | Layouts | Edit View’.

Does the database need to be updated manually, i.e., re-enter all of the custom fields into the Leads table or does Studio handle that update?

Thank you for reading my question.

If I understand correctly what you’re asking, the answer is that Studio does all the required changes in the database. Sometimes you need to do Admin / Quick Repair and Rebuild, and scroll to the bottom where it might give you a button to sync the database, if necessary.

Thank you for the response, pgr.

OK. That’s what I thought.

My logs report:
Mon Jan 15 14:39:54 2018 [780474][-none-][FATAL] SECURITY: User authentication for (Username) failed
Mon Jan 15 14:39:54 2018 [780477][-none-][FATAL] SECURITY: The session ID is invalid

So, with this unauthenticated session, the database would not update correct?

Any idea how to correct this error?

I greatly appreciate your help.

Also, the error message repeats with no user logged into SuiteCRM.

Mon Jan 15 14:39:54 2018 [780474][-none-][FATAL] SECURITY: User authentication for (Username) failed
Mon Jan 15 14:39:54 2018 [780477][-none-][FATAL] SECURITY: The session ID is invalid

I don’t think the authentication problem is related to any field deployment issue.

You need to understand where that FATAL error is really coming from. If you say it’s not the app (nobody is logged on), then could it be your Scheduler jobs from cron? Or somebody on the Internet trying to connect? Or via an API?

About the custom field, what exactly is your issue, if any?

Again, thank you, pgr for taking the time to respond.

So, there was a cron job and that could have been the issue.

I have wiped SCRM and its database. I am building new.

Clarification needed: the database needs the SCRM admin as a user, correct?

The custom fields were entered into the Leads Module via Admin | Studio.

When I checked the database via phpmyadmin, none of the custom fields appears in the ‘Leads’ table.

I suspected, and may be wrong, that the error thrown was the issue as to why the database was not being updated when Admin | Studio was used to create custom fields in the Leads module. Is this correct?

I greatly appreciate your help.

Don’t create any database, let the SuiteCRM installer do that for you. You just tell the installer your database admin credentials and it uses that to create everything. These credentials will be stored in config.php.

The custom fields you create in Studio will be in the leads_cstm table.

When the SCRM install script asks for admin (required) and password (optional), I do not need to have the database created to point the installer at it?

I have been creating a database shell so the script can find it and build it.

You need to have MySQL set up, and be able to log in with admin credentials.

Then you just give those to SuiteCRM installer, it will issue the Database creation command for you.

OK. I believe that is what I do.

I think that SCRM was transferred to the server and installed without the permissions being adjusted. The SCRM directory’s permissions were adjusted after the installation. I believe that this was the cause of the error.


Yes it needs to have the proper permissions before install, otherwise many different things can break.

Thank you.

I am re-installing everything (nothing on SCRM anyway).

I will report back with outcome.

Again, thank you for your help.