Custom javascript in viewdefs

Custom javascript not work in Account module.

array (
	0 => 
        array (
          'file' => 'modules/Accounts/Account.js',
          'file' => 'modules/Accounts/custom.js',

In version 7 work

Suitecrm 8, any
php 7.4
debian 11 docker container

Hi @scicali,

Again, thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

As you probably know SuiteCRM 8 is now using angular framework. Thus, for SuiteCRM 8 views, the javascript entry is no longer supported. There is a new extension mechanism for the SuiteCRM 8 angular frontend.

You can however, change a view to render in the classic view mode and that will render like a regular SuiteCRM 7 view.

angular ui is better in Account module, can I include my own javascript code using angular framework?

Hi @scicali,

In order to support extensions with angular we are using module-federation.

The documentation on how to create frontend extensions hasn’t been released yet.

What kind of changes do you want to do on the frontend?

I’d like try to do an ajax call to endpoint, from field onchange event

// DOM Ready 
	$('input#myfield_c').on('change', function () {    
	    myvalue = handleMyAjaxValidation();
	    // Actions with myvalue

I’ll read your links and I’ll try to do something, waiting official documentation

Was this added to documentation or is there any implementation of how include JS files are now handled in v8 for Changes Triggers that can work?
@clemente.raposo @g.martin

Hi @clemente.raposo , wich is de config or change to enable render as regular SuiteCRM 7 view. Thanks!

Search these forums for services/module/module_routing.yaml