Custom IMAP folders in built-in email view

I have an IMAP mailbox but am unable to see all my folders within SuiteCRM. I can see all these folders in Roundcube (webmail IMAP client) so the folders are server-side. I’ve attached two screenshots that might help.

Thanks for your time!

Hi, I’m wondering if you resolved your problem. I went to settings and selected my sent folder. It then downloaded a bunch of emails, but like you, I cant see the folders in the SuiteCRM email panel. All my accounts just have the inbox and wondered if you found a resolution. Thanks!


there is no special trick.
Choose any folders to be monitored and it can all be inserted.

Something else:
Roundcube is just a webmailer. If you work with manipulated folders and they do not exist on your mail server, they are also not available.

Did you find a solution. I can see all of my folders when i am editing my monitored box but they never show up in my mail on suitecrm. i am using the newest version

I have the same issue, I can add the folders but they don’t have any email in them in suiteCRM.

Me too, if I select two folders instead to see a tree with INBOX
I see INBOX,INBOXA and nothing inside