Custom fields per contact/lead | Individual key value maps for contacts


I was wandering around the internet searching for a specific info about suiteCRM.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it, so I am trying to pick you guys mind (-:

Is it possible to have a key value map individual for each contact/lead?

I want to manage a lot of contacts in suite crm that are somewhat unrealated.


Group A (electricians) get survey regarding their needs. The info gathered in the survey should be stored in an individual value map unique to that group of electricians.

Group B ( social workers) get a survey regarding their needs too.

Now I dont want to create all this as custom fields that are displayed on every contact.

Is this possible in SuiteCRM?

Hi, @marty.m!
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Yes, it’s possible.
You can make different view form for each of categories.

  1. It’s code for load detailview form

You can make form for editview too.

2 . It’s code for select correct form from cache.

Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome!

I don’t quite get where there is a value map involved in your solution.

Let me try to explain more:

I don’t want to change the view on the data.
I want to create individual value maps for individual contacts or groups.

It’s another way. You can make custom module - “individual value maps” and make relationship it to Contacts module. You should use Studio in admin panel for it.