I need add a custom field on AOS_LINE_ITEM_GROUPS.

This module (LINE_ITEM_GROUPS) does not appear on Admin / Studio.

Then I need implement this change in the code:

  1. In SQL: statement to create AOS_LINE_ITEM_GROUPS_CSTM
  2. In PHP: change Line_Items.PHP, Line_Items.js.

But I a first doubts (pass 1): What need I to do to Suite CRM understand that exists a new custom fields / table (AOS_LINE_ITEM_GROUPS_CSTM)?

Hello there, I’m trying to do the same thing right now. That module is not in the Studio.

What I’ll do is the following (someone please correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Add custom fields to aos_line_item_groups table in the DB
  • Add labels to en_us.lang.php
  • Define those fields in vardefs.php inside AOS_Line_Items_Groups
  • modify line_items.js to add custom fields in the Group section
  • modify AOS_Line_Items_Groups.php save_groups() function to insert values of those fields

Good luck :))